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Custom backyard design with natural stone spa, metal trellis and cantilevered shade structure.

Outdoor Cooling Options

As winter gives way to spring, the renowned Arizona heat looms. As always, our summers are incredibly hot and chock full of sun. To set yourself up for being able to withstand the harsh elements and enjoy your backyard space, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself cool:

Outdoor fans installed in gazebo spaces, outdoor dining environments and living breezeways can really keep airflow moving to keep you and your guests cool.

Outdoor Showers
Taking an outdoor shower is a distinct luxury that enables you to enjoy the soaring temperatures. Not to mention functional whenever you get done swimming.

Misting Systems
These types of cooling systems allow for an approximately ten-degree temperature change. By letting off gentle mists to cool the air, misters are a popular way to provide comfort.

Swimming Pool
Naturally, having your own backyard pool is a dreamy way of cooling off. Taking a refreshing dip when the temperatures rise is our personal favorite way to savor the heat.

Shade Structures 
One often not considered route to cooler temperatures is to include shade structures in the design of your landscape. At Creative Environments, we are here to provide you with our expertise on what would both look best while also enabling you to make the most of your property.

It’s the right time to start considering any of the above measures so that your backyard space can be printed and ready to go once the mercury readings rise. Give us a call at (480) 777-9305 to learn more.

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