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Plants That Survive Arizona Summers

Arizona’s arid climate makes it great for outdoor living, but it can be difficult to perfect a garden in such a dry atmosphere. Luckily, Arizona is part of America’s Southwest, which is home to dozens of species of beautiful, durable plants.

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As you prepare to revamp your backyard garden this summer, here are some of the best plants to grow in Arizona.

Plants That Grow Well in Arizona


The strong, star-like bloom of the agave succulent makes it excellent for lining pathways, creating depth in a garden or building focal points in your yard. The Agave genus contains more than 200 unique species of plants that thrive in arid regions like Arizona.

The colors of agave plants range from a verdant green to lush blue, which are two tones we highly recommend combining into any desert-style landscape. They naturally infuse much-needed color into the brown and orange tones that dominate the desert.


Aloe is favored by many for its use as a home remedy for many types of conditions. Aloe plants, however, are beautiful to grow in their own right. With thick, plump leaves, an aloe plant will captivate you the moment you lay eyes on it.

Inside this succulent’s leaves, you’ll find the coveted aloe vera gel. This substance has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s used in a number of home remedies that treat everything from sunburn to wound healing.

Barrel Cactus

The Barrel cactus is a native Southwest plant, so you’ll have no problem keeping it healthy and happy in your Arizona yard. These cacti come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all of them boast a distinct cylindrical shape.

These plants thrive with little water and plenty of hot sun, so you won’t have to worry about them making it through the summer. Most Barrel cacti also produce beautiful yellow flowers, so they make an eye-catching addition to any yard or garden.

Bush Lantana

Native to Australia and South America, the Bush Lantana also thrives in America’s Southwest. You’ll find that these flowers are strong bloomers, and they will quickly grow as soon as they are planted.

Throughout the summer and through the fall and spring, these bushes offer breathtaking blooms of colorful flowers that can easily line a walkway, pave your entrance or serve as decor in your backyard.

Palo Verde

Its name is Spanish for “green stick,” but the Palo Verde also produces yellow-tinged leaves. Its greenish to blue bark gives it a distinctive appearance that will surely catch everyone’s attention when you plant one in your yard.

The Palo Verde can reach as high as 25 feet high and spread 25 feet across. Its flowering season is in the spring, but it will still be a strong presence in your landscaping throughout the summer in Arizona.


For the best of both worlds, consider adopting a saguaro into your life. These cacti are all tall, with many stretching as high as 45 feet in their 200-year lifespan. Some sprout dozens of pointy branches while others never grow a single arm.

You can expect a Saguaro to be several feet tall within its first years. This cactus is native to the Sonoran Desert, and it thrives throughout southwestern Arizona year-round.

For more information about landscaping and crafting the perfect yard in your Arizona home, contact Creative Environments today. Our professional design team will be happy to help you explore your options, which includes dozens of beautiful plants, water features, hardscaping and landscaping throughout AZ.

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