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Preparing for Holiday Guests

We love the holiday season and the good news is, that it’s right around the corner! At Creative Environments, we find the festivities and parties that allow us to connect with family and friends to be a wonderful time to give thanks and just absorb all of the good around us. Will you be hosting family or friends this season? 

If so, we’d love to help you tackle the hosting duties stress-free by planning ahead this year. In fact, to prepare your property for the holidays, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Declutter
    This doesn’t mean you have to purge all of your beloved belongings but do take a few hours to really sift through and get rid of the excess. If you have guest quarters, go ahead and remove unnecessary items from surfaces and countertops and remove clutter for a clean, ready-for-your-arrival vibe. 
  2. Navigational Lights
    Make sure that your home is well light both inside and out. In any outdoor environment, wayfinding lights can help direct guests to pathways. Inside, keeping a few activated night lights on is a way to let guests know where to go after the sun sets. 
  3. Prep Your Property 
    Now is the perfect time to revamp the look of your property. Our team of professional designers can sit down with you to help get your ideas on paper while taking in your property. We listen to your vision and aid you in translating your desires into actionable projects. 

The holiday season is a great time of the year for entertaining and celebrating those around us. At Creative Environments, we’re here to help you feel proud of your property. Give us a call to see how we can be of service.

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