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Custom backyard design with string lights, large planters and water feature into pool.

Prepping Your Property for Spring

Winter can take a toll on your property. When the beautiful spring weather hits, it’s time to inspect your lot and make sure all is well for the season ahead. In fact, it’s the perfect time to get atop of any repair or remodeling projects that you’ve had on the docket. To properly prep your property for a fun-filled summer, here are a few critical steps to take:

  1. Take Stock
    Before entertaining season arrives, perform a thorough walk-through of your property. Try to look at your house objectively. How is the curb appeal? Does it need new paint or a good power wash? What about the moldings and trim? What are your plans for landscaping this spring? Are there any cracks in the driveway?
  2. Regular Checklist
    Gutters should be cleaned of debris and any repairs should be made. This is the same for outside drains. Double check for any leaks that could cause damage if the spring is a wet one. One other place to check includes your windows and door seals. 
  3. Fresh Paint
    To spruce up the look of your property, a fresh coat of paint can perform wonders. Not to mention, new paint offers protection against the elements of the coming year.  
  4. Plan Your Projects
    Once you take stock and conduct necessary tasks to make your property shine, it’s time to evaluate what you are working with and decide how to tackle your list of improvement projects. What do you want to do first – give the pool a facelift or renovate the deck area?
  5. Getting the Garden Going
    Before the good growing weather hits, plan out what you’d like your garden and landscaping to look like. If you are unsure how to best arrange your property’s plant life, come talk to us!

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