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Private Patio Spaces

At Creative Environments, we are big fans of private patio spaces. These special areas are typically accessed from a home’s master bedroom and create a perfect sanctuary from other outdoor environments.

Several features that can be purpose-built to maximize use include the following:

  • Outdoor Shower or Bath
    Imagine your own private shower or bath area right outside your bedroom. Take your bathing ritual to the fresh air and enjoy sunlight and the natural world.
  • Private Seating
    We love a private patio. It’s the perfect space to wile away a weekend morning reading with coffee or sitting with your partner talking about plans. These gentle, private seating areas can spark intimate conversations and create a space for reflection.
  • Private Garden
    A lovely small garden can be just the place to get your nature fix. Since it is accessible only via the master bedroom, a private garden can deliver a special, relaxing vibe dedicated to centering yourself.
  • Private Water Features
    From fountains to spas, a private water feature is the lap of luxury. Not to mention, a great way to relax and unwind to the ambient sounds of water.

Our team at Creative Environments would love to assess your property to discover the right type of private patio project possible to accommodate your desires. Short on space? Our clever team has years of experience crafting high-quality, original designs that enable you to unite your indoor and outdoor environments.

Get in touch today to discuss starting a project or how we can be of service ensuring that you love your property!

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