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Backyard design with shade structure and artificial turf.

Should You Choose Natural or Artificial Grass?

Many homes could benefit from the inclusion of either natural or artificial grass, and both offer compelling advantages. Beyond just aesthetic appeal, factors like cost, maintenance and weather effects are important reasons one might work better for your home than the other. At Creative Environments, we provide owners with cutting-edge design and installation services, ensuring you will have beautiful and functional spaces you and your family can enjoy for years to come. If you are thinking about adding natural or artificial grass, here are some factors to keep in mind so you can make the most informed decision.

Natural Grass

Natural grass is a classic option that is appealing to many homeowners, and for many who have had natural grass in their homes for the entire lives it can be difficult to switch. Natural grass is a great complement to classically designed spaces, giving them a lush, timeless appeal. The front exterior of our Flora at Morrison Ranch model features a manicured front lawn offset by a large front porch and warm lighting elements. The natural grass outside this home enhances curb appeal and reflects the elegant and inviting ambience of the rest of the home.

While natural grass has a texture and feel that many prefer over artificial grass, it also requires much more maintenance and may be a costlier investment in the long run. However, for homeowners who do not mind regular mowing or maintenance and are not overly concerned about inclement weather affecting their grass, natural grass is a great option.

Artificial Grass

Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is durable, cost-effective and very low-maintenance, and the strides made in turf technology means there are a wide variety of artificial grass types available today for different aesthetics. In more traditionally designed spaces, artificial grass can provide a similar appearance to real grass without owners needing to worry about watering or mowing it.

Artificial grass also allows for more creative uses of green elements. Our Crossings at Meridian model features an outdoor entertaining area, complete with foosball table, dart board and large TV. The gridiron-striped artificial grass in this space is the perfect compliment to a gameday watch party, bringing the playing field to your backyard. For a centrally located outdoor entertaining area like that at our Pradera Modern Ranch model, artificial grass adds a natural and lush element to a space where real grass would be unfeasible or difficult to install.

Natural and artificial grass both offer great benefits, and some owners might even find compelling reasons to include both in different areas of their home. If you are looking to upgrade the lawn options in your home, our team can help you through the entire process.

As the #1 Phoenix Landscaping and Build Company, we have decades of experience giving Arizona homeowners exceptional spaces they can enjoy for years to come. Our design process ensures we can bring the ideas for your space to life. For tips on designing a backyard oasis everyone can enjoy, please contact us today.

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