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Backyard design with custom trellis and cacti

Staying Home? Here are 5 Fun Ways to Escape in Your Own Backyard

Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many of us are spending far more time at home than usual. But while your list of places to go may be temporarily curtailed, complying with quarantine guidelines does not need to mean depriving yourself of time outdoors—which can provide a much-needed boost for your physical and mental well-being. In fact, escaping to your own backyard offers a wonderful way to soak up some vitamin D and enjoy Mother Nature without braving crowded parks or hiking trails.

As one of the leading providers of landscape design in Arizona, Creative Environments specializes in helping homeowners transform their backyards into luxurious retreats where they always want to spend time—quarantine or not. Here are a few ideas for making the most of your backyard:

  1. Dine al fresco. Since you probably can’t dine at your favorite restaurant right now, it’s the perfect time to recreate the restaurant experience at home! Consider picking up takeout from a local restaurant or making a home-cooked meal to enjoy in your yard. Elevate the experience by lighting some candles and playing your favorite background music. If you’d prefer to keep things casual, grab some snacks, find a comfortable spot to sit, and have a backyard picnic!
  2. Plan an outdoor movie night. Whether you have a TV in your outdoor living space or you improvise using a white sheet and a projector, a night of entertainment under the stars offers a great way to feel like you are truly “getting away.” Be sure to set up a comfortable seating area and make a batch of popcorn or your favorite movie theater snack!
  3. Play some yard games. What better way to cope with stressful times than by channeling your inner child? From cornhole to horseshoes to bocce ball, yard games offer outdoor fun and entertainment for the whole family.
  4. Gather around the fire pit or fireplace. Fortunately, the nights are still cool and beautiful at this time of year, making it the perfect season for warming up by an outdoor fireplace. Grab your beverage of choice and make some s’mores to recreate a camping trip experience—with all the comforts of home just steps away.
  5. Plant a garden. Whether you opt for a simple succulent planter or a bounty of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, planting a garden will add beauty to your outdoor space and provide a rewarding hobby to keep you engaged during your time at home. Getting kids involved in the creation and care of the garden also offers a great hands-on learning experience that will hone their nurturing tendencies.

With the right design for your outdoor living space, the possibilities for fun and relaxation in your own backyard are endless. Need assistance with creating your outdoor paradise? Contact the design professionals at Creative Environments today!

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