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Custom backyard design with baja step and artificial turf.

Update Your Pool and Landscape Design for Summer 2020

The temperatures are beginning to climb in the Phoenix area, which means that the summer heat is just around the corner. As the days grow longer, many Arizona residents will seek relief in their swimming pools. If you are looking for ways to update your pool and landscape design for summer 2020, here are a few elements to consider:

  • Water features. Adding water features can quickly transform any pool area into a tropical oasis. While fountains and waterfalls may come to mind first, there are numerous different types of water features that can elevate the beauty of your pool area. For example, features that are currently popular include water walls (sheets of water that pour out of narrow slots, which are typically positioned on decorative walls next to the pool), rain curtains (thin curtains of water that spill into the pool from an overhang or pergola above), and bubblers (small gushes of water propelled upwards by jets placed in a shallow spot in the pool, such as a ledge). Not only do water features such as these look beautiful, but they also add a relaxing sound to your pool area!
  • Pool material. Like anything else, the material lining your pool will deteriorate over time. From cost-effective plaster to luxurious tile, there are many options available for resurfacing your pool in order to improve its appearance and give it new life. One popular option that offers the best of both worlds is an aggregate finish, which combines plaster with quartz or pebbles for long-lasting beauty. As far as the color of the material, many homeowners are opting for a darker finish, which creates an alluring, lagoon-like appearance. In addition, dark finishes retain the sun’s warmth better and tend to look tidier because they mask the appearance of the dirt and debris that naturally settle at the bottom of the pool.
  • Pool automation. From virtual assistants to smart thermostats, technology has made it easier to manage various aspects of our homes. Pool automation, which allows you to control certain pool functions remotely via a smartphone app or other device, extends that same convenience to your swimming pool. Most pool automation systems control the pump and heater, but some also cover the spa, lighting, and water features.
  • The area surrounding the pool. Most of your time outdoors will probably be spent lounging on the patio surrounding your pool, so don’t forget to invest in this space. The options for customizing your patio and landscape design are endless and depend on your needs, budget, and style preferences. At Creative Environments, some of our favorite add-ons for backyard landscapes include fire pits, outdoor kitchens, comfortable seating areas, large, vibrant planters, and pergolas—which offer a beautiful shield from the strong desert sun.

Is it time to update your pool and landscape design? Contact Creative Environments today to start crafting a plan for your own private oasis!

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