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Why You Should Use Native Plants in Your Landscape Design

Green and natural elements are an important part of the exterior of any home, and while there are a lot of options when deciding what plants to feature outside your home, native plants bring some distinct advantages. Other than just being better suited to the environment, utilizing native plants can be an easy and cost-effective way to boost curb appeal and reflect the beauty of the desert. At Creative Environments, we have helped homeowners design and install their dream outdoor spaces for decades. If you are wondering how to use native plants in your outdoor designs, here are some reasons they can be a great choice.

Better Adapted

As they are naturally adapted to the environment, native plants are a great choice for homeowners looking for resilient green elements that are more disease-resistant and less prone to pest problems. Manicured lawns and shrubbery can be a beautiful and cohesive way to tie a space together, but plants that are better suited to the climate and soil of the southwest require less special care and maintenance while still allowing for beautiful design options. At one of our private residences, the underlying native plants like saguaros and red yucca are illuminated by soft lighting, giving this backyard a natural focal point, and ties well with the other desert flora and fauna extending out past the property.

Cost and Maintenance Savings

One of the most compelling advantages of using native plants in your design plans is their ability to save owners time and money. Proper hydration levels for non-native plants can be challenging to address in warmer, more arid environments, and because they are already adapted to local conditions native plants often require significantly less water, as well as maintenance. In our Adero Canyon model, a bed of golden barrel cactus inlaid to a stone backsplash provides a unique and cost-effective focal point for the pool area.

Aesthetic Cohesion

For homes throughout the southwest, design that reflects and meshes with the surrounding landscape is an essential investment. Desert-inspired landscaping choices can help boost aesthetic cohesion and ensure your front and backyard do not feel out of place. While the brown, natural tones of the desert are a great reflection of the environment surrounding many homes throughout the southwest, there are a number of native plants that allow homeowners to play with color and add dramatic visual appeal to their exterior spaces. At our Saguaro Estates model, native plants like yellow bells add a splash of eye-catching color to the backyard, contrasting with cacti and other desert elements surrounding them.

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