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Backyard design with slatted metal shade structure, outdoor kitchen and multiple seating areas

Beating the Heat

We know it’s a tired subject but every summer when the mercury level climbs in the thermometer, it’s helpful to have a few new tips to make the most of Arizona’s scorching season. 

With excessive heat warnings in effect this week, it’s sure to take a toll on your mind, body, soul and dare we mention electricity bills? Regardless, at Creative Environments, we like to concentrate on the positive aspects of the beautiful place we live in. To help you do the same, here are our team’s recommendations for beating the heat:

Stay Hydrated
While it’s technically important to stay well hydrated year round, drinking enough water is key in summer, even if you are inside in the air conditioning. A good rule of thumb is to aim to drink about half of your body weight in ounces each day. More if you are doing any physical activity or spending time outside in the elements. 

Avoid the Oven
Summer is the perfect time to throw together a crisp and refreshing salad and head out to the patio with a glass of wine or seltzer water. Instead of firing up the oven and cooking hot food, reach for simple ingredients that can keep you satiated and cool. 

Definitely Swim
A quick dip in your backyard pool is a great way to cool off. You’ll likely want to avoid the heat of the day and go first thing in the morning or after the sun goes down. Making swimming a part of your daily routine is an excellent way to cultivate a practice that anchors your life.

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