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Backyard design with custom metal gate and desert plants.

Creating a Peaceful Backyard – Insider

Every backyard has the potential to promote peace and tranquility for a homeowner, no matter the size. Peace is simply nurtured by the surrounding elements. These include sound, comfort, and sight. Recently, Ryan Trudell, the vice president of landscape architecture at Creative Environments, spoke to Insider about some of these tactics.

In the article, Trudell talks about some of the main things that home owners are looking for an area to stay relaxed and tranquil, and the best way to do this is with natural elements.

“Water elements are the typically desired method to achieve tranquility in the garden,” – Ryan Trudell, VP of Landscape Architecture

Some advice includes:

  • Add a water feature
  • Add a canopy if you have trees
  • Plant a sensory garden
  • Incorporate more vegetation
  • Plant a butterfly garden
  • Have comfortable patio furniture
  • Build a charming shed
  • Add a potting bench
  • Reading garden
  • Create indoor/outdoor cohesion with your decor.
  • Install dim lighting (string bistro lights, fireplace, fire pit, etc.)

“Bringing in those materials that unify the sites in and of itself kind of creates a peaceful harmony to design, because everything feels cohesive,” – Trudell

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