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Backyard design with metal planters and rain curtain.

Revamping the Deck Space

If you’ve never heard of it, porch sitting is an old American tradition. Comprised of sitting leisurely on a front or back porch, the tradition used to be a staple of culture. It offered a relaxed opportunity to be directly or indirectly social with those that passed by or with neighbors and friends engaged in the same behavior. It was a particularly popular activity for good weather, warm summer nights, or for weekends. 

At Creative Environments, we want to bring back this historical tradition but with a modern flair. Instead of unwinding in the evenings by watching television, we want to encourage our clients to head outdoors and relish a beautiful environment under the sky on an outdoor porch or deck.

Whether to read, talk, or eat, a great deck or backyard porch provides the perfect stage for an evening as it unfolds. Here are several great ways to spice up your property to enjoy the outside environment:

Make it Comfortable

Today, the backyard furniture market has plenty of options tailored to fit your taste. From high-design and durable outdoor sofas to spa-like deck chairs, you name it, it exists. To truly utilize your space, you need it to fit your taste, and to be comfortable. Add some throw pillows and an umbrella, or blankets and a heater to be sure to stay cozy year round. 

Well Lit

A relaxing outdoor environment is one that considers good design practices in lighting. A combination of soft overhead lights add ambiance while directional pathway lights bring in a more practical angle, informing guests where to go. 

Outdoor Amenities
Just like the indoors, you can have all that you need outdoors as well. Whether a kitchen for cooking, a bar for making cocktails, a stereo system, craft an environment that caters to your wants. 

Get in touch with our creative team today to book a consultation about how we can transform your outdoor space. 

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